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Katy B talks to Rolling Stone – ‘I didn’t think anything was gonna happen, but that ended up getting on pirate radio and that was really exciting.’

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Joining the Scene: Katy B was a fan of dance music for years – “I grew up raving and clubbing,” she says – but it was only when a friend’s brother asked if she wanted to sing on one of his songs that she thought about producing it herself. “I didn’t think anything was gonna happen, but that ended up getting on pirate radio and that was really exciting. I just thought, why don’t I make this music?”

‘It’s a pity radio will never be the same – but its one of those things, cheerio!’ – Ringo Starr on Radio London (1967)

Here is an article dating back to August 15th 1967 about the first known pirate radio stations to face prosecution for broadcasting illegally. Titled ”Three pirate radio stations will walk the plank In Britain’, it reads how some of some of London’s teenagers demonstrated against the move for Radio London (Big 111) to come off air or face prosecution and that this would be the start of the end for pirate radio. Even Beatle, Ringo Starr called in during the final broadcast of Radio London, and said ‘It’s a pity radio will never be the same – but its one of those things, cheerio!’.

At London’s Liverpool Street Station, the teenagers demonstrated wearing black armbands and carrying banners proclaiming ‘Freedom went with Radio London!’ and stormed crush barriers to get to the train carrying the stations record spinners. With smashed windows, beads being snatched away from the neck of a disco jockey and disrupted train timetables; it doesn’t get more exciting than that! Little did they know, that this was only the beginning.

The article reads:

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ZDOT – Gangster video and ‘A New Light’ album release

ZDOT, who features in Drowned City, has just released his new album ‘A New Light’ and video for ‘Gangster’ Feat. Scrufizzer, RIO, Warlock, Shifty, Revolver & Wariko. ZDOT is a Record Producer / Composer from West London and is regarded as one of the top producers in the UK.

‘A New Light’ features some of the elite of underground music and grime acts, including Wiley, Ghetts, Lauren Mason, Devlin, Shifty, Kano, Doller Da Dustman, Scrufizzer, Revolver, Warlock, R.I.O, Janiece Myers and Wariko.

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NY – “There were bursts of new energy from pirate radio stations”

How To Make Grime Pay The Rent

Taken from the By Gavin Martin

Rhythm ‘n’ grime princess Ny (aka Nyomi Gray) is already a star on the scene thanks to her two Split Ends mixtapes featuring stars such as Professor Green and Plan B. Home-educated by her single parent mother, Ny left aged 17 to live with former partner and grime godfather Wiley. Now she’s ready to enter the mainstream.

Her new single Be With You – featuring South London rapper Giggs – captures her fierce intelligence and emotional depth.

“Giggs is one of the few people I hadn’t worked with,” says Ny, 22, who hails from London’s Kentish Town. “I wanted to reverse the roles you usually hear of a guy with a girl on the side. So it’s female empowerment, where I’m the girl torn between two guys. Giggs is the bad boy and in the video we have Kirk from The Only Way Is Essex who’s the good boy. I wanted that contrast.”

Performing since she was 12, Ny experienced the grime scene in its birth throes.

“There were bursts of new energy from pirate radio stations,” she says. “I was always listening to what was going on and got involved as much as possible.”

She’s best pals with N-Dubz star Tulisa and recently supported them on the road.

“Every tour is different,” says Ny. “It’s an emotional rollercoaster but the boys are hilarious, you never know what will come out of their mouth next.

But Tulisa feels she’s got an ally now.”

Be With You is out on Monday.

Ny ft Giggs “Be With You” by STOKEDPR

Ofcom create a radio station to encourage listeners to report illegal pirate radio stations – 87.7 FM in East London

A post on the MHz NEWz “Pirate Radio News & Info” facebook page displays a broadcast announcement from Ofcom who have set up a radio station on 87.7 FM in East London. They are urging people to get in contact with them about any pirate radio activity in their area.

Glory Days, Monopoly Broken…

Death of a Pirate: British Radio and the Making of the Information Age. By Adrian Johns. W.W. Norton

TO A modern music executive a pirate is a teenager who illicitly downloads music from a file-sharing website. But to someone who was a teenager in the 1960s it will represent radio buffs and DJs stuck on a rusty old ship, safely outside British territorial waters, broadcasting rock ’n’ roll to a country chafing under the government-sponsored monopoly of the BBC.

It is this “pirate radio” that is the subject of the latest book by Adrian Johns, a historian at the University of Chicago who specialises in intellectual property rights. The subject is not nearly as dry as it sounds. Mr Johns begins his book with a killing*: the 1966 shooting of Reg Calvert, a pirate-radio operator, by Oliver Smedley, an ex-army man and commercial rival. That provides the jumping-off point for a history of radio in Britain, from the founding of the BBC in 1922, with its patrician ambition to educate its listeners and its distaste for commerce and populism, through plans for a “wired” broadcasting system that is an early foretaste of the modern internet, to the emergence in the 1960s of the pirate ships broadcasting from international waters.
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